Our lessons focus on the things that you care about, because those are the topics that you will be wanting to talk in Spanish about. Whether that is politics, art, literature, sports or nature, bringing your passions into class and connecting to how those are interpreted in different Spanish-speaking countries will give the learning journey a sense of purpose that will keep you motivated and always have you excited about your regular Spanish lesson.

Aroa, our main tutor, is a Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) accredited Creative Facilitator, and brings all that knowledge and tools into the classes. We work hard to adapt the learning environment to the needs and interests of children, moving swiftly between more formal lessons to more playful settings where we use tools such as theatre improvisation to, putting the young person in charge of their learning journey.

Whoever you are, if you are learning Spanish you probably want to put it in practice by visiting one of the many Spanish-speaking countries. We help you get there by acting as a friendly travel agency that guides you in creating your perfect trip. Our team are not regular travel agents, they are cultural advisors native from the country you are planning on visiting, who will connect you with the local cultural for an unforgettable experience.

We work with companies to develop tailored talent development programs where employees follow a journey to connect with purpose, using Spanish language as a central skill. Our company programs not only increase your staff's command of Spanish: they build strong team bonds and increase team resilience, talent retention and your staff's cultural sensitivity.

Path is a Spanish tutoring service and a cultural facilitation agency. We see ourselves as a non-conventional Spanish academy, working with our clients to create engaging learning journeys that enable them to start communicating and exchanging since day one. We have grown organically staying true to our ethos and mission, and expanded our services to work with companies and to facilitate travel experiences to Spanish-speaking countries for individuals and groups. 

In a nutshell

Our mission is to create a bridge to the Spanish world, introducing you to both the language and to the many exciting and diverse cultural aspects that we so treasure. In a time of blatant societal divisions, we believe that facilitating learning journeys that connect people across cultures can be one of the best antidotes to polarisation. That is what makes us so passionate about our work at Path, and what started our journey to share this language many years ago.

Our mission

We teach one-on-one or small-group Spanish classes to learners of all ages. No matter your age or level, we put you, the student, at the centre of the learning journey, working with you to define your learning goals and leverage your preferred learning methods. Our lessons are interactive and engaging, specially designed to help you learn with the intention of building a strong foundation and setting you on the best path for more confident, more practical communication.

Our approach



Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, it is co-official in most international organisations, and it is spoken today by almost 500 million people as a native language, making it the second most spoken native language in the world - second only after Chinese. Its richness, breath and relevance are difficult to overstate. A latin language, its grammar is not too complex and you will see your efforts quickly paying off.

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We are based in Hackney, London and can travel for home-lessons depending on availability. Online lessons are available depending on the level and context of each student.

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