Most classes and workshops are delivered by Aroa Fernandez, founder of Path Spanish. Aroa has 10 years of experience tutoring Spanish in different countries, both to English and French speakers. Her passion for languages, travel, and learning about different cultures is what made her learn 5 languages, live in 6 different countries and visit dozens of them. Thanks to that, she is able to navigate fluently different cultural contexts. Aroa has a Bachelors degree in Translation and Interpreting of Languages and a Bachelors degree in International Relations. Her years working with Ashoka, a global citizen sector organisation, deeply impacted her vision of learning processes and taught her the importance of purpose and changemaking, threads that she has brought together to create Path.


Depending on availability, other tutors might deliver the lesson. Please note that this will always be discussed with you prior to taking the decision, and that we thoroughly screen our teaching partners to validate their expertise and cultural fit with Path Spanish.